The Mitch Card Slip Wallet


Now available in a stunning natural veg-tan Buffalo Calf leather!!

When your son-in-law comes to you and asks you to make him a card slip wallet "But Cooler", you have to step up to the challenge! We're extremely proud to announce the Mitch Card Slip Wallet! Named after my son-in-law, these card slip wallets are fucking sick! Featuring genuine Buffalo Calf or Horween leathers, these card slip wallets are built to last and will hold up to a whopping 10 cards!! Each piece is hand cut, hand stitched and edge finished, then we stamped our logo in the lower left corner so you smile every time you pull out your cards because you know you're a fucking pirate! Oh yeah! Carry on, in true Pirate style!

These are available in limited quantities.

-Genuine Purple, Black, Red and Brown Horween Leathers
-Genuine Buffalo Calf Leather
-Handmade & Hand Stitched
-Luxury Card Slip Wallet
-Holds 10 Credit/ID/Bank Cards
-Pirate Themed
-Made in the USA

All sales final.

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