Port Royal Luxury Card Slip Wallet

$125.00 - $175.00

Port Royal. The very mention of the world famous port lends to vivid stories of pirates and sailors, trading Pieces of Eight and Maravedis coins for food, drink and fun in the taverns of the Caribbean. Pirates were vital for the commerce of the 1600’s and it’s with this in mind that we created the Port Royal card wallet.

Available in various exotic leathers and taking inspiration from the legendary Hermès Epsom card wallet, we made some slight improvements to create a stunning card wallet that can be carried by anyone, is made from epic leathers completely by hand and is luxurious enough for the finest events, yet made to handle daily use with ease. Featuring two card slots, a fully lined card/cash/receipt pocket made from French Chèvre, French linen thread* and coming in at between just 2mm-4mm thick depending on the type of exotic leather, the Port Royal is designed to be pure pirate luxury!

For this initial offering, we have a selection of incredible exotic leathers, including alligator, snake, ostrich and stingray. The available models are:

~Royal Blue Alligator with Royal Blue Chèvre
~Tiffany Blue Anaconda Snakeskin with Tiffany Blue Chèvre
~Fuchsia Alligator with Fuchsia Chèvre
~Red Micro Pearl Ostrich with Black Chèvre
~Purple Stingray with Color-Shifting Fuchsia to Purple to Black Chèvre
~Two-Tone Brown and Taupe Alligator with Taupe Chèvre
~Black Alligator with Black Chèvre

Each Port Royal has a beautiful edge finish and is completely hand made by Captain Black himself over two full days. Some models we have the ability to make additional Port Royals, however some are one-offs and once sold will not be available again, so don't sleep on these or you're going to kick yourself later!

-Exotic Leather Face Side With French Chèvre Interiors and Reverse Side
-French Linen Stitching* and Custom Edge Finishing
-Has Two Card Slots and a Center Pocket
-100% Hand Made in the USA by Captain Black Himself
-Ultra Thin and Luxurious

All sales final. Guaranteed for life. One of each is in stock initially, with other orders made to order and will ship in 5-7 business days (plus current lead time). Orders with more than one item in which one or more items are not in stock will ship once all items are ready to ship.

*The Purple Stingray Port Royal uses polyester thread due to the nature of the Stingray to ensure durability.

Please note: due to COVID-19 related shipping delays with all major carriers, shipping times may be increased and delays may occur. Thank you for your understanding.