Stuff To Know

Lead Times:

Current Lead Times are 7-14 days for most made-to-order items, unless otherwise stated in the item's description.

Purses and other custom orders will have a lead time of 3-6 weeks on average, unless noted as "in stock" on the item's page.


We typically ship out orders 2-3x per week.  Please note that once your order has been received by the shipper it is out of our control as to what happens to it or if there are delays in shipping.  Whatever the tracking info shows is the exact same as what we can see.

We strongly encourage you to insure your order if selecting First Class shipping as items lost or damaged in transit that are not insured will not be replaced or refunded.


All sales are final.  Returns are only accepted if the wrong item is sent to you.  Exchanges are only made if the item you receive is defective and will only be made for the same item.  Custom orders, one-offs and prototypes are not able to be returned or exchanged.


We make our leather goods to last a lifetime.  Should they fail through regular use we will fix or replace them at our discretion after inpsection.  Should you need to make a warranty claim please contact us.

Hard goods, coins, puzzle boxes and wood cases are not covered.

Sales, Discounts & Clearance Items:

Occasionally we will have a sale or offer discounts on certain items.  There is no guarantee that an item will ever go on sale as everything we make is done in very limited amounts, often less than 100 will ever be available and sometimes it's far less than that.

Clearance items are a rarity and, unless stated in the item's description, will still cover our standard warranty.

Pirate Lord Club Membership:

Once a year we open up membership to the Pirate Lord Club.  This is an extremely limited membership that offers several perks, including free Priority shipping worldwide, huge discounts on everything, exclusive items and free Pirate Lord gear when it's dropped.  Membership opens in December of each year and once the limited spots are gone they won't open up until next year.

Custom Orders:

If you're interested in placing a custom order please reach out via the Contact Page.  We are always happy to help and love a good challenge!

Leather Information:

Here at Black Flag EDC we use real, genuine leathers.  You won't find any "vegan" leather here.  It might be cowhide, alligator, ostrich or any of a hundred other kinds of leather, but you can always count on it being the real thing.  Why real leather?  There are three reasons.

First, because so-called "vegan" leather is actually plastic and horribly bad for the environment.  It's made from tons of chemicals and it absolutely sucks.  Eat what you want, but if you actually care about the planet then you should refuse to buy this garbage.

Second, "vegan" leather gives off toxic fumes when stamped, due to the heat melting it.  We care too much about our own health to inhale that noxious crap.

Third and most importantly, because real leather lasts!  If properly cared for, genuine leather can last hundreds of years.  We make things that are meant to be passed down, one generation to the next.  You can't do that with "pleather" or "vegan" leather (which are the same things, BTW).  They break down into a nasty, gooey mess of chemicals.  Real leather is 100% compostable and will naturally break down, safely and won't hurt the Earth.

If you've read all that and you still want "vegan" leather goods, then you're on the wrong site.


We don't waste money on custom packaging very often.  Mostly because it is expensive and we would have to pass that cost onto you.  Sure a logo'd box might look neat, but if you're buying something just for the packaging then we have to ask . . . Why?  It's what's inside that counts, not the cardboard it is delivered in.

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