Pirate Lord Club 2024 Membership


Welcome to the 2024 Pirate Lord Club Annual Membership!

So what is it? Well, to start off you get a GUARANTEED Pirate Lord Edition for every drop we do that has one! We've done Pirate Lord hanks, coins, belts and more and we've got some BIG plans for 2024! We typically do one drop every month or two that has a Pirate Lord Edition, which means you get up to 12 Pirate Lord Editions each year and the best part is that, no matter what they cost, you get 'em! But that isn't all! You also get exclusive drops that are only available to members! That means that even on months when we don't have a Pirate Lord drop you still get an exclusive item that's ONLY for PLC Members! 2023 Members got exclusive wallets, coaster sets, poker chip sets, hanks, watch cases and more!! Not enough? To top everything off, you'll also get an exclusive code for 30% off ANYTHING you order for the duration of your membership! Did we mention this is for anyone, anywhere, regardless of where you live? Because yeah, we DGAF where you live, you'll still get everything we listed (but you are responsible for anything you get, so make sure it's cool with your local laws)! That means if you live in Great Britain or Japan you still get all sorts of exclusive dopeness for a year!

These are ultra limited and you'll be kicking your own ass if you pass this up!

Note: this membership is not available for any discount code or free item cards to be used or redeemed for it.