Pirate Cache First Mate's Edition


In January, First Mate Jake came to me with an idea he had to make something "that the Crew could carry all their EDC stuff in if they were on the move or on a trip or just out taking photos of their gear." As with all our ideas, I handed him a stack of construction paper and said "show me." Two hours later he came back with his design and we discussed some tweaks to it and he started to work on a prototype. Three days later he presented the prototype and I was blown away! It was exactly what we had talked about, able to hold a ton of gear and still fit nicely into a backpack, go bag or ladies bag. We went through the leathers we had in stock and came up with colorways we wanted to make, as well as making one final change - adding a beautiful suede back to them.

Jake spent the next six months working on these, sometimes with his newborn pirate princess on his lap (which Jake will tell you was *not* easy lol)!

So what can it hold? Knives, watches, notebooks, pens, coins, dice, Man Cards, hanks, pry bars and damn near any other EDC gear out there! Each Pirate Cache has two slots at the bottom designed to hold knives or watches. Moving up from there we have a large open pocket that's perfect for notebooks, pens, pry bars or even a fixed blade knife. Above that there are eight slots that can hold coins of various sizes, dice, mini Man Cards, whiskey hats and more! At the top we designed a leather wrapped cord to hold a hank or two. Once it's loaded up it all folds up and stays together with two matching leather straps. As if that wasn't enough, the outside of the Pirate Cache doubles as a beautiful knife or watch display pad for a killer flat lay!

Jake decided that each Pirate Cache should be named after a famous pirate, port or ship, so we did just that! The colorways are as follows:

Edward Thatch Murdered Out
Queen Anne's Revenge Roughout Black
Mary Reed Pirate Princess Pink and Black
William Kidd White and Blue
Port Royal Tan and Blue
Tortuga Brown and Blue
Anne Bonny Orange and Dark Green
The Lady's Way Purple (named after everyone's favorite Crew member!)
Bartholomew Roberts Black and Orange

Every Pirate Cache is made by hand, including over eight hours of full hand stitching (no machine BS here), is fully edge finished (except the roughout edition) and is guaranteed for life! In total each one takes three full days to make and is 90% made by First Mate Jake himself!

Prototypes of most colors are available immediately, with all others made to order.

-Handmade From Genuine Leathers and Suedes
-Hand Stitched and Finished
-Measures 18" x 11" When Opened and 6" x 11" When Closed
-Laser Etched Logos
-Guaranteed For Life
-Pirate Themed
-Made in the USA

Please Note: Prototypes may have slight differences from the final version or small imperfections that in no way alter the functionality of the piece. Please allow 4-5 weeks to ship all made to order Pirate Caches.

All sales final.

Please note: due to COVID-19 related shipping delays with all major carriers, shipping times may be increased and delays may occur. Thank you for your understanding.