Samhain 2023 Coin

$50.00 - $200.00

Oidhche Shamhna Shona Dhut! The Gaelic phrase for Happy Halloween, which takes the Captain back to his Irish & Scottish roots. As far back as he can remember he's loved all things Halloween, so he figured it's about damn time that Black Flag EDC celebrates it properly!

Made from 1.2 ounces of solid brass and measuring 1.85mm thick, this coin embodies so much love for the festival of Samhain it's scary! Loaded with occult symbols, a rain drop background and a custom Jack-O-Jolly Roger exclusive to the Samhain coin on the face side (texture for DAYS). The reverse of the Samhain coin ain't no slouch, with more occult symbology and a mini Ouija board that holds a secret message for the Crew for which we even included a mini planchette, so you'll know exactly what the spirits have to say this Halloween! This coin is by far our favorite coin drop to date (and we haven't even talked about the rest of the drop).

For the slips, we went with an orange front emblazoned with the Jack-O-Jolly Roger, a black reverse side and glow in the dark thread! These slips are perfect for Halloween and we couldn't think of a better matching slip!

There's also a SUPER Limited Edition version, with only 7 available, that comes with all of the above as well as a killer orange stingray slip with brown micro logo'd reverse, fully finished orange edges and orange thread. Did we mention that it also comes with a trick box? Because yeah, it does and it's the shit! On the top of the box you have a custom designed Ouija board engraved into beautiful Beech wood along with the Edition number which denotes its exclusivity. But the real fun is inside . . . Put your coin in, close it up and when you open it back up poof! Your coin is GONE! Close it back up and when you reopen the drawer your coin has returned from the other side! We scoured the planet and (literally) there are only 7 of these incredible boxes ANYWHERE! Never to be released again, this one time Limited Edition is terrifyingly dope!

The Standard Edition will be priced at just $31 through midnight on Halloween, after that it goes up to $50 and will never be reduced so don't sleep on this one!

-Samhain 2023 Coin
-1.75" with Incredible 3D Accents
-Handmade Custom Designed Slip With Glow Thread
-Only 75 Available


-Limited Edition With Gorgeous Stingray Slip & Custom Ouija Board Trick Box
-Only 7 Available

All sales final. Ships within 2-3 business days.

IMPORTANT: We HIGHLY recommend your order be shipped insured as any packages lost in transit cannot be replaced due to the extremely limited availability of the coins and slips. Should your order be lost in transit it is non-replaceable and non-refundable. Simply put, there are no extras of this coin- if it's lost, it's lost.

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