The Mitch V2 Rolex Edition

  • The Mitch V2 Rolex Edition
  • The Mitch V2 Rolex Edition
  • The Mitch V2 Rolex Edition
  • The Mitch V2 Rolex Edition

I started working on the V2 of the Mitch wallet a while back, trying to improve on an already kickass design. I decided to change up the bottom half, introducing a cutout that would make it much easier to get your cards out when you need them!

For the very first V2 Mitch wallet, I decided to go with an ultra premium look. Being a fan of luxury watches, I thought that a Rolex Edition would be the perfect launching off point, as it not only captures the high-end feel of the gorgeous Rolex green leather that I used, but it also is an immediate eye-catcher. The Rolex Edition of the Mitch V2 Wallet is modeled after the box that every new Rolex comes in, featuring that luxurious Rolex green leather, with matching edge paint, hand-stitched cream thread and gold accents in the thumb hole that matches the Rolex coronet! The Rolex Edition also has our Jolly Roger logo in the upper right corner, denoting the difference between the standard V2 and this version.

The Rolex Edition Mitch V2 wallets are built to last and will hold up to a whopping 10 cards!! Each piece is hand cut, hand stitched and edge coated so they hold up under even the most demanding of seas! The Rolex Edition simply looks and feels luxurious, inside and out.

These are all made to order and will be limited to a total edition size of just 20. Please allow 3-5 business days to ship.

-Gorgeous Rolex Green Leather with Cream Stitching
-Hand Painted Gold Accent Thumb Hole
-Handmade & Hand Stitched
-Luxury Card Slip Wallet
-Holds 10 Credit/ID/Bank Cards
-Pirate Themed
-Made in the USA

All sales final.

Please note: due to COVID-19 related shipping delays with all major carriers, shipping times may be increased and delays may occur. Thank you for your understanding.