Darkness Coin

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  • Darkness Coin
  • Darkness Coin
  • Darkness Coin
  • Darkness Coin
  • Darkness Coin

We proudly present the fifth coin in the Pirate Tenets line, the Darkness Coin!

In the absence of light, darkness prevails. This is the inscription on the Darkness Coin, a coin that reminds us that if you fail to live by the code, you will fall into nothingness . . .

On the face side you have the Black Flag logo, floating on top of the abyss. Surrounding it are mermaids and the symbols of the sea; twin anchors crossed over Poseidon's trident! The Darkness Coin is designed for maximum highlights, so that while the coin is completely murdered-out you still can see the light through the darkness!

On the reverse side you have all the things that not only guide a pirate at sea, but are also beyond your control - the sun, the moon and the tides. These are there to help provide you balance and guide you on your path. To top it all off, every coin comes with a beautiful murdered-out slip made from genuine Horween leather!

Of course what Black Flag coin drop would be complete without a Pirate Lord Edition? Well, we REALLY went crazy with the idea of Darkness on this one! To start with, you have the Labyrinth to the Abyss puzzle box. This puzzle box is one of the hardest we've done and is so tough to solve that after 30 minutes First Mate Jake had to call it quits! What makes it so tough? Well in order to open it and claim your treasure you have to move a steel ball through a maze and make it to the right spot to unlock the box. Sounds simple right? Did we forget to mention that you can't see the ball, so you have to solve it in the Darkness? Yeah, it's not going to be easy! But once you solve it and open the box you'll be rewarded with the most badass slip we've ever made! Genuine black Horn Back Crocodile leather adorns the backside of the slip, which is just incredible, not to mention facking sick!! We then finished the edges and ship everything in deluxe packaging! We also included a regular slip so you can choose which one you want with your carry!

Regular Edition- comes with a genuine Horween black leather Darkness slip with matching black stitching. 81 available.

Pirate Lord Edition- also comes with the beautiful black Darkness slip, along with the Abyss Croc Slip and the Labyrinth to the Abyss puzzle box, all in deluxe packaging! Only 9 available. Please note: due to the value and size of the items in the Pirate Lord Edition, Priority Shipping is highly recommended.

Once they've sold out they're gone forever!

-Darkness Coin with Murdered-Out Finish
-1.75" with Incredible 3D Accents
-Handmade Leather Slips
-Genuine Horween and Crocodile Leather

All sales final. IMPORTANT: We HIGHLY recommend orders be shipped insured as any packages lost in transit cannot be replaced due to the extreme limited availability of the Darkness Coin. Any orders lost in transit are non-replaceable and non-refundable. Simply put, there are no extras of this coin- if it's lost, it's lost.

Due to the handmade nature of leather goods, no two items are identical.

Please note: due to COVID-19 related shipping delays with all major carriers, shipping times may be increased and delays may occur. Thank you for your understanding.