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Black Flag EDC Triumph Coin

$50.00 - $75.00
  • Black Flag EDC Triumph Coin
  • Black Flag EDC Triumph Coin
  • Black Flag EDC Triumph Coin
  • Black Flag EDC Triumph Coin
  • Black Flag EDC Triumph Coin

We are thrilled to present the forth coin in the Pirate Tenets line, the Triumph Coin!

This coin represents a lifetime of living by the code, before we even knew there was a code. On the face side you have our Jolly Roger, cracked and beaten but standing proud, surrounded by the ripples of the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. The inscription means "Deeds, not words" on the top, while the bottom reads "Through difficulties to honors." These are part of the pirates code and are things you've likely imparted to others throughout your journeys in life; actions speak louder than words and to endure the toughest of times leads to triumph!

On the reverse side you have a giant anchor reminding you of the impact of your actions, while the pirates creed is emblazoned on it, telling you to live by the code. Surrounding the anchor is more water ripples, a pair of mermaids calling out to you and the Jolly Rogers of those who came before you, guiding you towards your destiny. One of our favorite coins to date and one that's sure to find a place in your carry!

One time drop of only 90 coins to ever be released (no other colorways will be made), editions include:

Standard Edition- comes with an orange Tortuga Sunset slip with matching orange stitching. 50 available.

Deluxe Edition- also comes with the beautiful orange Tortuga Sunset slip, but has finished and coated edges and a gorgeous blue contrast stitch reminiscent of the waves of the sea. 40 available.

Once they've sold out they're gone forever!

-Incredible Triumph Coin with Antique Gold Finish
-1.75" with Killer 3D Accents
-Handmade Leather Slips
-Begs to be Photographed

All sales final. IMPORTANT: We HIGHLY recommend orders be shipped insured as any packages lost in transit cannot be replaced due to the extreme limited availability of the Triumph Coin. Any orders lost in transit are non-replaceable and non-refundable. Simply put, there are no extras of this coin- if it's lost, it's lost.

Due to the handmade nature of leather goods, no two items are identical.

Please note: due to COVID-19 related shipping delays with all major carriers, shipping times may be increased and delays may occur. Thank you for your understanding.